Rafe Walker


"Hi – my name is Rafe Walker and I am 10 years old and live near Birmingham".

"When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour! Pretty scary"!

"I have had to live with this thing (I call it WARTY) in my head for nearly 2 years now – the doctors are just watching it and waiting for it to do something (like get BIGGER) before they zap it with radiotherapy. This is because they cannot operate on it as it is deep down in my brain , near the top of my brain stem and if they poke around there they could damage my brain and that is not a good thing"!!!

"Warty was making me ill- it was blocking a tube in my brain that allows brain fluid to flow – this made me have lots of horrid symptoms - I was vomiting (alot), getting evil headaches and Bell’s palsy in my face. So I have had brain surgery to relieve this pressure. The operation is called a 3rd Ventricolostomy and it’s like burning a hole in the brain to allow the fluid to move again – a bit like getting a new drain! It has worked! The horrid symptoms have gone and I am getting back to normal again, but I still get very tired and hot and get nasty headaches but I can cope with that! I have a WICKED scar on my head and all the girls at school love me cos I look cool"!!

"I have to go for MRI scans every 6 months now to check on Warty. MRI scans are not very nice but I listen to my CDs and pretend I am not there. The worst bit is when they inject dye into my arm (it shows up on the scans of my brain) – that really hurts and I yell quite a bit"!

"I try not to let ‘warty’ stop me doing things though- I play the guitar, keyboard and saxophone. I like to play football and basketball. I also love going to Stagecoach on a Saturday morning with my twin sis Clementine. We have just stared in Billy Elliot which was great fun, but I get very tired and have nasty headaches and sickness after each show - but the part of Michael is wicked so it’s worth it"!!!

"The doctors and nurses at Birmingham Children’s Hospital have been great. My favourite is Mr Solanki who is my neurosurgeon. He is very kind and calm and funny and listens to me if I am worried. I am helping him raise money for a new scanner for the hospital that will allow him to operate on alot more kids with tricky brain problems".

Rafe is being treated at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Rafe has asked us to help raise funds for the NEUROSURGERY Department at Birmingham Childrens's hospital so that they can use these donatios to fund equipment and research into brain tumours.

"My wonderful neurosurgeon, Mr Solanki(the man who saved my life) will use this money to buy new 'brain' equipment and also for research into kids brain tumours and how to get rid of them"!!

Rafe's stagecoach school performed a GALA/CHARITY show of BILLY ELLIOT to raise money for Mr Solanki and raised OVER £1000! Well done to all those who were involved!

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