Mary-Kate O'Donoghue

Mary-Kate O'Donoghue born 31 August 2008

Mary-Kate lives with her mum Karen Lavin aged 27, dad Paddy O'Donighue aged 29, her brother Paddy aged 7 and sister Pearl aged 4. The family live in Mill Hill, Barnet.

Mary-Kate was diagnosed with all acute lombastic leukaemia last November 2009 aged just 14 months old. She is having intensive chemo therapy at the moment.

Mary-Kate has been in and out of hospital for the past 8 months. Last month she had a bad fit due to the intensive chemo she is having we all thought we were going to lose her.

She has had a long spells in both GOSH and Barnet since all this started. she has a lumber punyure and spinal chemo every time she goes to gosh she is so brave it's so hard for her family to watch her being so ill, she is such a happy smiley child, she doesn't have the energy that the other kids have the family find it terribly sad to watch.

The family have just been told Mary-Jane's chemo is effecting her kidneys and that they will now need to monitor her kidneys each time she has the chemo but she must continue anyway.

We would like the family to have a short break soon as they will all benefit from a holiday as when a child is ill it affects the other children as well.