RAJ HARKISHIN - Coronation Street Actor

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Winning Bid £725.00


“I have known Lisa and her family for many years. On hearing about Lisa’s condition I took it upon myself to get involved with her unique fundraising initiatives”.

“Lisa is a remarkable woman and should be recognised for her achievements”.

Raj Harkishin


Raj "Jimmi" Harkishin (born Southampton, United Kingdom, March 1965) is an actor best known for his role as shop owner Dev Alahan in Coronation Street.

He was born to an Indian father and Italian mother. Raj also featured in the film East is East and Bhaji on the Beach. Raj is the older of the two sons of Deepak Harkishindas and Sony Harkishindas and has two children.

Raj also played Gary Lobo in the Jonathan Creek episode Danse Macabre.

Raj is a personal friend of Lisa Connell's and grew up with Lisa's family. When Raj hear of Lisa's situation he took it upon himself to help her and her family.

Raj joined Lisa at the very start of her campaign on LK Today with Lorrain Kelly helping to promote Lisa's unique initiative Rent A Date For Charity by placing himself up for auction as a meet and greet to the highest bidder. Raj has since attended many of Lisa's charitable functions most recently of which was the official launch party for Guardian Angel Events.

Winning Bidder Testimonial

"We met up with Raj on the Saturday for our date, and we had such a great time, Raj is such a lovely fella, and made us feel so welcome. Good Luck with Rent A Date For Charity and we will be in touch in the New Year XXX "

Winning Bidder