In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of Danny Miller...

Lisa's fundraising initiatives and campaigns are dedicated to raise the awareness of brain cancer. Dealing with her own condition on a day by day basis is hard enough but to then lose someone close makes it only too real.

In August 2010 Lisa lost someone so close to her, who was not only a friend but an inspiration, therefore, this website is dedicated to the fond memory of Mr Danny Miller, who passed away in August 2010 from an Inoperable Brain Tumour. 

Gone, but never forgotten. May he rest in peace...

Written by Danny's devoted son Daniel Miller and ex partner of Lisa's, who's moving speech was read out at his father's funeral, we have reproduced it here with his kind permission. This is an entirely befitting tribute to a man whose irrepressible zest for life, inner strength and steely determination radiated courage, hope and inspiration and cast a sprinkling of his uplifting magic onto all of us who were privileged to have him in our lives.  The warmth of his soul will burn bright and glow in our hearts forever.

For the past week now, I’ve been thinking of what to say about my dad, and what he means to me. I’ve been asking all my friends what they think, lying in bed at night thinking about it in my mind, and after all this I’ve come to the conclusion, that words cannot describe him well enough or explain what he meant to my family and me, apart from to say 'he was our world'. Everything I am, all my experiences and memories I have, and people I have met in my life, at some point have heard about my dad. I’d tell everyone about him. The things he did, music he loved, and all the walks we’d go on. And every single person would say the same thing whether they knew him or not ‘your dad sounds amazing’ or ‘I wish my dad did that with me’ and I would always smile back and think to myself, "yeah that’s my dad!"

I guess life is like a book, not that I read much, but books have chapters, you start one, finish one, and then start another one. Well the biggest chapter of my life has ended, and it was the best chapter ever! Because... Dad you were in it.

Me, mum Josh and Joe all your friends and family will miss you so much. I love you dad!

 In Loving Memory of Danny Miller


"Everywhere I go, Every smile I see, I know you are there, Smiling back at me."

"Our hearts still ache in sadness & secret tears still flow, what it meant to lose you, No on will ever know."

Lisa Connell