- Why are you called Rent A Date For Charity if you are not a registered charity?

Any projects and activities organised by B Inspired Hair & Beauty or RAD4C are fundraising initiatives with the ultimate aim to raise the all important funds for brain cancer causes and patients. Due to the red tape and long winded process required to become a charity and for due to the urgent need to raise the funds for different causes we decided to create these fundraising initiatives , not just another charity.

Rent A Date for Charity is an independent run business with a difference. We are a professionally run business with philanthropic aims. It is our primary mission is to raise awareness of brain cancer and funding with the ultimate goal of raising £1 million for good causes. Rent A Date For Charity (RAD4C) is exactly what it says on the TIN. We are the original auction dating website where the proceeds of the auction go to good causes.

When you say you are working in collaboration with B Inspired Hair & Beauty what does this mean?

B Inspired Hair & Beauty is Lisa Connell's second initiative, through which she supports herself financially whilst enabling her to pursue her aims of helping fellow brain tumour sufferers wherever possible by donating FREE Hair & Beauty Pamper Treatments funded through RAD4C and her clients.

How do I contact Rent A Date For Charity?

Please refer to our Contact page for further details.

- How much of my money is actually going to a good cause?

We can assure you that we are not like charities. A large percentage of the proceeds from the auctions will go directly to our designated causes. There will be no further reductions from any of the causes we donate to. These funds will go straight to the cause and only a small fee will be retained to cover admin costs.

- How accurate is your total figure raised and how do you come to this figure?

We aim to keep this figure as up to date as possible. The total raised figure displayed on our webpage’s page. With the collaboration of B Inspired Hair & Beauty these figures will relate to all funds donated to good causes through which ever means.

- Out of the large percentage from the donation to the cause's, what amount actually goes to these causes?

Most of the funds will be donated to the cause. There will only be a small fee taken for our admin costs.

- Where are the admin costs going?

Up until now only 15% was being retained by RAD4C which was no where near enough to cover running costs. Both Lisa and her (one) volunteer work all round the clock to work on this campaign. It was advised that a small fee remains with us for our costs and time spent organising the auctions and more,

- How can I find out how much has been raised for the designated cause?

RAD4C will keep the amounts raised on every webpage as a Total Raised figure. You will also find the individual amounts/donations made for each cause under the Lisa's Angels Gallery tab of the website.

- Why am I being asked to pay a £5 donation?

In order to commit to a bid on our site you must pay a donation amount of £5. This is a one off donation amount and will enable you to bid further on our auctions at any time with no additional costs other than a winning bid amount.

- I don’t wish to place any bids on your site but I would like to make a donation to your cause. How do I go about doing this?

On our website you will find a link to make a donation. This donation amount will go towards the causes we support. Please email us for further details.

- I want to donate using the PayPal Donate button on your site. How much of this will actually go towards your campaigns?

By donating through our Donate Now button on our site you will be donating directly to the campaigns we support. No FEE will be taken aside from PayPal's fee for any other purposes.

- Is there a minimum age you have to be to place a Bid?

Yes, You must be 18 or over.

- I want to help promote Rent A Date For Charity how do I go about this?

We welcome those wishing to help promote our site. Please send an email to info@lisaconnell.com with details of how you wish to become involved.

- How do I know if I have won in a prize draw?

RAD4C will notify the winner of each prize draw by way of email, text, social medial or a telephone call. If you have not received any contact from us this is because you have not won.

- I won a prize but I still have not received it?

All our prize draw donations are given to us by outside sources. When a prize draw is won your details are forwarded to the prize draw donator to send out. Please allow up to 31 days for this.

If you still have not received your prize within this time please email us info@lisaconnell.com

- How long does an auction last?

Each auction is unique. Listings can last anything from 1 day to 6 months depending on our clients availability and requests. Please check our auction listing details for further information.

- Why are some of the gallery pages not including details of the dates which the celebrities have been on?

Once we have a confirmed auction for a celebrity a gallery page will be uploaded to our website with details about this celebrity. We will only provide details about the date once the date has gone ahead. These dates can be anytime in the future as per the celebrities instructions.

- I have just tried to register and my registration has been declined?

RAD4C reserves the right to decline to register you as a member at its sole discretion. RAD4C’s decision to accept an individual registration is final.

- What happens if I win the bid but no longer wish to participate?

Once you have made a bid. You cannot withdraw it. You are committed to making your payment even if you are unable to participate.

- Do I have to pay any money even if I have not won the auction?

Each bidder must pay a donation of £5 to secure their bids. Any bids made after this donation has been accepted are bids and you are not committed to make any final payments to us unless you are the winning bidder.

- Is there a reserve bid amount for the person going up for auction?

In most cases there will be a minimum allowed bid. If your bid is under this amount you will need to bid higher to increase your chances of winning.

- How do I find out if I have won?

If you are the winning bidder RAD4C will notify you by email straight after the auction ends.

- Who is responsible for the costs of travel with auctions that require this?

The winning bidder is responsible for all costs associated to travel to and from the venue of the winning bid.

- I have won a date with a celebrity. Will photographers or press be present?

Yes, at the discretion of the celebrity. However please note that the celebrities will be in this auction to help with the publicity and awareness of the designated causes.

- I no longer wish to be a member. Can I pass on my membership to a third party?

Your membership is assigned to you and may not be assigned to any other third party.

- How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership please email info@lisaconnell.com

- Why am I not receiving Emails from Rent A Date For Charity?

It is possible that either your e-mail inbox was full at the time, or if you have a spam filter maybe the mail did get through but was blocked/deleted by the spam software.

Please ensure when registering that RAD4C is added to your safe senders list. The email addresses we will use to contact you are as follows:


- How can I advertise on your site?

If you wish to advertise on the site please email info@lisaconnell.com with your request and we will get back to you with our current rates.

- I would like to arrange an Event for and on behalf of Rent A Date For Charity how do I go about arranging this?

If you wish to hold a fundraising event where funds from this event go to RAD4C to help fund the causes we support you must contact us first to obtain permission. Anyone seen to be using our name or branding without the express consent of RAD4C/B Inspired Hair & Beauty or any of its partners is liable to be sued.

- I would like to advertise an event on your website how do I go about doing this?

Anyone wishing to advertise their event on our site must be advertising an event which is raising funds for any of the causes we are supporting or ourselves. Any other fundraising events outside of this remit may be asked to pay a fee of £5 per event depending on the nature of the event and its cause.

- How do I pay for my winning bid? Is it secure?

All payments are secure and made on-line. RAD4C currently uses PayPal & BACS to process payments. For more information regarding PayPal and their security visit www.paypal.co.uk

- I want to register but I do not have a PayPal account how do I make payment to you?

PayPal offers a FREE service to sign up and use. However if you do not wish to sign up to PayPal’s service you may pay with a credit or debit card by following their onscreen instructions.