Cheryl Baker 

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Winning Bid: £2,700.00


"We had a really lovely time. Cheryl was very warm and made us both feel completely at ease. The restaurant was absolutely amazing. I will definitely be going there again as soon as I can think of a suitable excuse. It was quite honestly one of the best meals I have ever eaten!

I won the date as a Christmas present for my good friend Kevin. He was beside himself with excitement. When I picked him up from his house in the morning, he said that he felt like he was getting married! He said that the 'date' really was a dream come true for him. Cheryl was everything he thought she'd be and more! He was so nervous that he could hardly remember what he'd eaten, let alone rave about the food like I did, but it didn't matter, he had a wonderful time. Cheryl signed a menu for him and we got some lovely pictures".

Winning Bidder - Joanna Chin


A real life Eastender, Cheryl was born in Bethnal Green on 8th March 1954, Her bubbly personality was evident even in the early days of “Bucks Fizz” when they won the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin in 1981. They went on to gain world-wide recognition with a string of hit records including three number ones, “Land of Make Believe”, “My camera Never Lies” and of course “Making Your Mind Up” and throughout this period, it was evident that Cheryl would develop a solo career one day. In 1984 she was asked to present the children’s television show, “How Dare You”, which set the ball rolling for her as a TV presenter. Apart from children’s favourites such as Record Breakers and Eggs ‘n’ Baker, she presented daytime current affairs shows, prime-time Saturday evening shows and even dog agility shows! During the 90’s, Cheryl was on TV 6 days a week! All this, and she was still singing with Bucks Fizz. So, at the end of 1993, Cheryl stepped down from Bucks Fizz after twelve years to concentrate on her solo career (See credit list).

She is hugely popular with the general public, who consider her ‘the girl next door’. Whenever she makes an appearance either in the Media or at events, her charm and personality has everyone, young and old, eating from her hand. People relate to Cheryl – she is ‘one of them’. Cheryl is far from perfect and people love her for it!

Cheryl’s life has been an entertaining one so she has recently been invited to speak after dinner or lunch, which she has thoroughly enjoyed doing!

Cheryl has reformed with Mike Nolan and Shelley Preston and the three work together as “The Original Bucks Fizz”.