Our Causes

It may seem that today, everywhere you turn you are made aware of a new charity, cause, health awareness event or sponsored activity.  It is true, this is the case; however everyone one of these causes, big or small are all so important in raising awareness of the requirement to raise the all important funds for research projects and specialist equipment for hospitals but even more importantly to raise the awareness of the people who have the illness, condition or disease.

Brain Cancer; the Facts:

  • Did you know that brain cancer is now the biggest cause of cancer death in young men and women in the UK? According to research they kill more men under 45 and women under 35 than any other cancer
  • Results show that brain tumours have overtaken leukemia as being the biggest cancer killer in children in the UK!
  • The number of children dying from a brain tumour is up 33% from 2001 to 2007.
  • While overall mortality rates from cancer are falling, despite an actual rise in cases, survival rates for brain tumour patients are decreasing.
  • More tumours are being diagnosed but the survival rate is remaining the same," according to Brain Tumour Research.
  • Brain tumour research currently receives less than 1% of all cancer research spent in the UK. That works out annually at £3m, out of a total £426m.

 As reported by SKY News July 2009

Brain tumours cannot be prevented because their cause is still unknown. Medical experts feel that research is being "forgotten" and desperately underfunded.


Therefore, here at Rent A Date For Charity we want to raise the awareness of the important work that all our cancer causes are doing through their own fundraising and initiatives, so please help us to help them now and join in the fun today!